Golden Bear for Unionmade

Gold Rush

Varsity Jackets Made in Potrero Hill

A lot can happen in an hour.

And even though we gain one, it just means that this time next week it’s going to be dark, and it’s just going to get darker...

Yes, winter—and its blustery trifecta of 4pm sunsets, rain and wind—is on its way.

All of this is to say, you’re going to need a jacket. And we’ve scouted out some originally made for fighter pilots, longshoremen and presidents that should do the trick.

Introducing Golden Bear for Unionmade, an exclusive San Francisco collaboration putting out vintage-inspired varsity jackets, peacoats and vests made in a Prohibition-era Potrero Hill factory, available at Unionmade.

Having just shy of a century of jacketmaking behind them, you can expect the sort of solid construction from Golden Bear that will stand up to your next wood-chopping session. Right, you don’t chop wood—well, they work just as well for tossing back beers and watching someone else chop wood.

Now, before you call up memories of your girlfriend stealing your high school letterman jacket, know that these were designed by Todd Barket from Unionmade in neutral shades of black, navy and olive, with a slimmer fit and, most importantly, no patches or letters.

In other words, something you’d want to wear.


Golden Bear for Unionmade
available at Unionmade
493 Sanchez St
(at 18th)
San Francisco, CA, 94114

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