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Caffeinating with Adult Pixie Stix

UD - Nixie Tubes Ah, Pixie Stix.

They were everything you desired in a treat as a wee lad (basically, flavored sugar). Combine them with a little Kid Icarus, and you were a happy camper.

Well, good news. We just found the adult version. And they’re loaded with caffeine.

Introducing Nixie Tubes, tubes of powdered sugar designed for adult needs (like hangovers and such), now available online.

Basically, if you could dehydrate the best parts of a Jolt cola, throw a little bright food coloring into the mix and pack it in test tubes holding eight grams of pick-me-up-ness, you’d wind up with these.

So say you’ve had a particularly bruising few nights of meetings, client dinners and charity auctions to save the Zimbabwean chinchilla, and you’re feeling a tad sluggish. You’ll reach in your desk, choose a fitting flavor from the five-pack (something about Wednesdays calls for blue raspberry) and down it like the good old days.

Besides the sugar rush, each tube contains the same amount of caffeine as a stay-awake pill or an average cup of joe (100 mg). So don’t be surprised if soon after consuming one of these, you find yourself buzzing around the office, cleaning up your desk, making calls, catching up on emails, calling your mother and replacing the toner in the copier.

Especially if you mix it with your double espresso.

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