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Finding the Perfect Condom

UD - Condom Science You love science.

It’s given you DNA mapping, hydroponic technology and, oh yeah, even a few theories explaining the origins of the universe.

And now (speaking of Big Bangs), it’s being employed to help you better understand your condoms, thanks to a few tireless “experimenters” from MIT.

Presenting Condom Science, a blog that tests the mettle of various prophylactics in the pursuit of knowledge and pleasure, online now.

So let’s say you’ve got a big month in Ibiza planned and, being a perfectionist, you want to make sure you’re well-stocked with the ideal brand/size/fit of soldier for keeping you 99.9% kid-free (amongst other things).

Just pull up this blog, where two MIT-based lovers of science and sex break down the condoms they use, brand by brand. First they test how much water it takes to fill one and make it explode (so many real-world applications), then they break down its other attributes in the “sex test” (read: sex), as well as rate it for general appeal.

And should your interests extend beyond condoms and you want similar insights into everything from sexual positions and sex foods to soliloquies on drunken sex and party sex, they’ve got that too.

No, they’re not looking for additional test participants.

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