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You love exclusive private lounges, well-crafted old-school cocktails and a good old-fashioned sandwich bar stocked with specialty hams and local-ish artisan cheeses. 

Best case scenario: all of the above under one roof. In the Back Bay.

So take a grandiose first look at Met Back Bay, the kind of place Nucky Thompson would use as his handsome two-floor wondercave, soft-opening this Wednesday for all your partying-with-friends needs.

To get the Prohibition-ignoring, libation-y debauchery underway, you’ll want to stroll into the Game Room on the ground floor, get in the Boardwalk Empire spirit with something from the ham and cheese bar (think: New Jersey spicy sopressata) and then watch the Pats crush somebody over a few Rivieras (tequila, red jalapenos, ginger).

You’ll then grab your moll and head upstairs to the Library for some oversized (read: 10-ounce) classic cocktails using ice freshly shaved from a giant block, before claiming a leathery booth in the Living Room. There, you’ll drink in the floor-to-ceiling views of Newbury while splitting something from the grill (the 32-ounce, dry-aged rib eye for two seems right).

You’ll also be glad to know they have a private, purple velvet-adorned Townhouse Room secretly attached upstairs, which you can access after buying a membership card, with cocktail waitresses attending to your needs inside by way of a button you press at your table.

Which reminds you: the table buttons in your own dining room need new batteries.

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