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A Sleek Coworking Space in Midtown

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You’ve gotten work done in some pretty exotic locales.

Dashed off emails from a yacht in the Caribbean. Led all-hands meetings from an Aspen mountaintop. Conducted video conferences from Tampa.

But sometimes you need to do things the traditional way: four walls, a desk and a chair. Oh, and a pool deck overlooking the city...

Introducing Büro, a large and modern coworking space, now taking reservations for its Monday debut in Midtown.

To understand Büro (pronounced “bureau”), think of your typical Dunder Mifflin setup. Then remove the fluorescent lighting and soul-crushing cubicles, install sleek furniture that wouldn’t be out of place at a South Beach lounge, outfit the kitchen with organic-y vending machines, and—this part is key—offer access to the fifth-floor gym and pool (nothing melts away stress like a quick game of Chicken).

You can rent space month-to-month (rates start at $199), and you’ll choose to have either an unassigned spot (meaning you’ll drop in whenever you need and grab a seat in any of the communal areas) or a dedicated workspace, complete with a private desk and a space enclosed by glass partitions.

You’ll also have everything you need to get work done: super-fast internet, copiers, printers, conference rooms, plenty of parking and lockers.

As far as we know, there will be no one by the name of Schrute.


3250 NE 1st Ave, Suite 305
Miami, FL, 33137


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