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The Five Most Cinematic Halloween Parties

Undead walk. Werewolves howl. Vampires suck. Snookis... snook. If you’re willing to face all that on Halloween, you might as well head to the very best parties. So we programmed a computer to match those parties to your favorite scary movie. (Yes, it was a haunted computer.)

If you like: The Shining
Go to: The Haunted Hotel Ball

Stephen King has taught us hotels can be strange, scary places. (Also: Never trust cats, cars or Saint Bernards). But at this Palmer House mega-party, you’ll find live performances, $1,000 costume prizes and special room rates. Better get a double—not that you’re scared or anything.

If you like: Psycho
Go to: Hotel Hitchcock at the Dana Hotel

Whole floors will be turned into haunted spectacles. The elevator will be turned into a fright ride. And in keeping with the Hitchcock theme, look out the window at midnight for the Rear Window-style murder in a building across the street. We suggest showering before arriving.

Oct 29-30, 8pm, $40, Vertigo Sky Lounge, 2 W Erie St, 312-202-6060, tickets here

If you love: Carrie and/or Mad Men
Go to: Zombie Prom and/or Mad Manor

On Friday, wear your best skinny tie as Manor turns its waitresses into sassy secretaries for a Mad Men-themed costume party. On Saturday, things turn a bit darker with zombie costumes and prom photos. If you’re going to both, dressing as zombie Don Draper should have you covered.

If you love: Freaks
Go to: The Underground’s Circus Act

Sure, you could go to one of the three pre-Halloween nights of circus-themed parties with popcorn machines and cotton candy. But on the big night itself, things go full sideshow with killer clowns, circus freaks and possibly a contortionist—depending on how limber you’re feeling.

If you're terrified by: C-SPAN
Go to: Blagoween at the Piggery

Speaking of freak shows, it’s election season. So dig out your darkest, thickest wig for this barbecue joint’s costume party. There will be $3 domestic beers, a free midnight barbecue buffet and cash prizes for best costume—and a separate prize for best Blago getup. Since there’s money on the line, we suspect a certain ex-gov might show up.

Oct 30, 9pm, The Piggery, 1625 W Irving Park Rd, 773-281-7447

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