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The holiday season is almost upon us.

That means it’s time to ponder a gift for your loved ones—just a modest trinket to show that special someone you really care.

In light of the times, we’re thinking... oh, we don’t know... a diamond-encrusted foosball table.

Or maybe a set of crocodile embossed leather dumbbells.

Even just a $2,500 yoga mat.

You know, something simple. Your new depot for such modest trinkets: the OC Concept Store, a subtle temple of tasteful opulence, open now on Madison Ave.

As with any worthwhile shopping experience, you’re greeted by gratis champagne and caviar. Then you’re left to your own devices to peruse the all-white, two-level shop. The inventory report reads like Dr. Evil’s shopping list: a $140,000 watch safe that gracefully spins your watches so you don’t have to wind them, flat-panel speaker systems made of wood, half-million dollar pocket watches, mechanized belt buckles that expand a few notches at dinnertime, cosmetic chemistry kits, polka-dot motorcycle helmets and, of course, Roger Federer’s clothes.

Everything at the OC can be made to your specifications—if, say, you prefer emeralds to diamonds in your foosball table.

And in a few weeks, the store will boot up touch screens linked to a Swiss yacht builder, allowing you to make essential decisions like whether to go with a Burmese teak or Bolivian rosewood interior on your new pleasure craft, which all told will set you back anywhere from 25 to 50 million euros.

Just note that Somali pirates always prefer rosewood.


OC Concept Store
655 Madison Ave
(between 60th and 61st St)
New York, NY, 10065


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