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Partying in South Beach’s VIP Room

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Once upon a time, there was a VIP playpen in one of the most popular hotels on Collins Ave.

And things were crazy/great: stilettos on banquettes. A Cristal-soaked dance floor. Kardashians doing god knows what.

But all that hedonism took its toll.

And soon it was necessary to regroup. Recharge. Revamp.

Which brings us to this pressing nightlife update: Wall reopens this weekend after a seven-day hiatus with a cleaner look, more room to dance and a slew of international DJs holding court until dawn.

When you walk in, you’ll immediately notice the first change: the “X” couches that crowded the room and caused bottle-service traffic jams are gone. Instead, you’ll now find sleek gold couches lined up in rows with seating on either side, and a platform in the middle to encourage dancing, bottle-servicing and neighbor hitting on-ing.

And since technically there’s no VIP section in the club (it’s small enough that the whole thing is considered one big VIP room), you’ll have your run of the place, basking in the sounds of DJs Fashen, Aloo and Behrouz until 4:30am every night this weekend.

And you’ll probably want to come back on Tuesday, when they launch Favela Chic, the weekly Brazilian party that’s relocating here from Mokai.

Unless, of course, you can’t stand Brazilian models.


at the W South Beach
2201 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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