Let Lounge at Market

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Chicago’s First Indoor Ping-Pong Patio

This is it. It’s here. The weekend you’ve spent countless hours training for.

So on your mark, get set... paddle.

Welcome to Let Lounge at Market, Chicago’s first all-weather table tennis patio, now serving in the former beer garden.

Maybe you’ve heard about SPiN, the wildly popular ping-pong and cocktail mecca in New York and LA, started by noted table tennis champion Susan Sarandon. (Bull Durham was originally about a Taiwanese table master and his flame-haired muse, but Hollywood being Hollywood...) This is similar—but instead of Susan Sarandon sightings, you might see the lovely and talented... Jay Cutler.

They’ve outfitted their patio with clear walls, all-weather TVs and plenty of space for you to annihilate your opponents. You’ll find three professional-grade tables, and retire to rattan lounge chairs, where you can rest your weary arms with Wagyu sliders and a Market Toddy (Jack Daniel’s, apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg)—basically, a ping-ponger’s version of a PowerBar and Gatorade.

Once the dust settles, Let Lounge plans on hosting mixed doubles pickup tournaments on weekends, where you’ll choose your teammates’ names out of a hat. But we’re sure your odds of finding ping-pong’s Serena or Venus are very good.

Though you’ll settle for a Kournikova.


Let Lounge at Market
1113 W Randolph St
(between May and Aberdeen)
Chicago, IL, 60607

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