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Oysters and Pig Roasts Behind Fenway

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For ages the strip of Boylston behind Fenway was a barren wasteland where no good ever happened after dark.

Lately, though, it’s gotten pretty good. And come next week, it’s about to get even better. Whole-pig-for-10-people better...

Take your first look at Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar, your new local haunt for whiskey and roast dinners, slated to open next week behind Fenway.

Think of it as your ace in the hole when the cold winds blow this fall, and you and some buddies have had a long day kicking cans around Fenway, dreaming about next season, when that “I need a Beef Ribeye Roast” urge growls inside.

When that happens, just duck in here, and start by bellying up to the Irish-style standing side of the bar (it’s on the left). You can hit the raw bar (littlenecks, oysters, clams) and a few cocktails (try the punch bowl for four), or just a cold pint.

Then, you’ll grab a leathery booth and pore over the hearty menu along with their 75-strong multi-style whiskey selection, which you can keep cold using a Japanese-style 70mm ice ball (to be used in any whiskey, not just Japanese).

And for those very special occasions (Pats win, Sox opener, Thursday), you’ll want to give Citizen 72 hours’ heads-up, then come in and sit down with your Whole Roasted Suckling Pig, good for 10 people to consume snout-to-tail.

Or one buddy on a dare.

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