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A Gold Coast Nightclub Reborn

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It’s a topsy-turvy world.

Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. The mayor will soon have a name other than Daley. And the city’s next great club is in the Viagra Triangle.

Introducing Proof, a sprawling two-floor temple of dancing, spiked punch and edible flowers (of course), slated to open next weekend. 

You once knew this space as Level, where you occasionally wound up at 3am as part of your noble quest to keep the night going. Now, you’ll come here at a (slightly) earlier hour for a (slightly) more elegant take on the same thing.

Step through the tinted doors, and the first thing you’ll see is a massive dance floor that stretches all the way to the back, surrounded on either side by cushy banquettes. Beyond that, you’ll see some glass balconies, where crowds will undoubtedly flock to witness your now-revolutionary take on “the worm.”

But when you and your new dance partner want to get more intimate, you’ll head up the winding glass staircase to the second-floor lounge, decorated with vintage mirrors and dimly lit chandeliers. Sink into a black loveseat and share in the Bouquet Punch (mandarin vodka, St. Germain, rose nectar, sour), which comes served with an array of floating edible flowers.

 Nothing says intimacy like edible flowers.

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