The Numbchuck Cocktail

Numb and Number

A Cocktail That Rewires Your Mouth

UD - The Numbchuck Cocktail There are times when you expect to feel numb.

A trip to the dentist. Stubbing your toe. Reading the entire health care bill.

But never, ever, never from a night of drinking.

Okay, maybe this once...

Introducing The Numbchuck Cocktail, a novocaine-like concoction of bourbon and Chinese spices, now available off-menu at the U Street Music Hall.

You’ll descend down to this subterranean DJ den in search of an extra helping of bass (and probably an extra helping of pho dogs). Then, and only then, after your taste buds have done their dirty work, will you summon your bartender and order up one of these palate-confusing infusions.

What you’ll get: a rather tame-looking glass of ginger ale, lime and bourbon, on the rocks. Only the bourbon has been infused with a Szechuan spice sometimes called “numbing spice.” In high doses, it produces a warm, tingly, vaguely anesthetized sensation on your lips and tongue—not unlike some time in the dentist’s chair (minus the drilling).

Or, if you’re feeling extra brave, you could opt for a shot of vodka infused with the spice and hot peppers, in a glass rimmed with MSG. After that hits, you’ll be numb enough for an extra drizzle of sriracha hot sauce on your dog.

Or a root canal.


The Numbchuck Cocktail
available at U Street Music Hall
1115A U St NW
Washington, DC, 20009

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