Wings of Freedom


Flying a WWII Fighter Plane

UD - Wings of Freedom Flight Experience You’ve got a thing for WWII.

Your PowerPoint presentations are synchronized to the Band of Brothers score. You conduct training sessions in front of a giant American flag à la George C. Scott in Patton. Your dog’s name is Tom Hanks.

So we think you’re ready for this, Lieutenant: Wings of Freedom, a flight experience that lets you pilot an actual WWII battle bird, happening next week in Plymouth.

Step one: get a bomber jacket and a scarf. Step two: get a leather skull cap. Step three: head to the Plymouth airport, where to get you in the mood for aerial warfare, you’ll start by checking out several restored bomber planes, including the last B-24 Liberator bomber on earth that can still make it up in the air (because contrary to the sound of it, the B-24 Liberator is not something you can order from the back of Cosmo).

But step four is where the real fun begins. You’ll hop in the cockpit of a fully restored P-51C Mustang, which conducted super-aggressive attack missions in the Pacific. After a brief cockpit orientation (no, there’s no place for your iPod), the pilot will take off and churn your butter with various daring maneuvers (see: double barrel roll). Then, if you’re still conscious, he’ll let you take control of the aircraft for some gentle flying, and even coach you through a few daring moves yourself.

Although at $3K per hour, just paying the bill might be your most daring move of all.


Wings of Freedom
at Plymouth Municipal Airport
246 S Meadow Rd
Plymouth, MA, 02360

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