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It’s great for museums. Great for shopping. But if there’s one thing Fan Pier’s been missing since its inception, it’s some old-world, North End-style Italian food.

And oh yeah, Al Pacino.

Behold: your first look at Strega Waterfront, the new go-to for wine and linguine on Fan Pier, opening this Friday and now taking reservations.

So say you’re at some gala event at the ICA, and your leggy date suddenly gets that “I need veal” look in her eye. You’ll grab her hand, walk next door and enter a space that feels like a 1940s transatlantic ocean liner, only with more murals of Al Pacino and a very in-her-prime Sophia Loren.

Slide into a leathery booth, order a bottle of red (they’ll have a deep selection, just like at the original) and one of their big authentic dishes. Or for something a bit less mother country, there’s the coffee-bean-crusted filet mignon, pan-seared in Patrón tequila (call it Italy by way of Mexico).

But you’ll also want to stop by here during the daytime, after an afternoon of plundering at Louis next door. There’s a nice little café, where you can grab some strong espresso and fresh crepes and leisurely inhale them amid the crisp fall air out on the patio.

Inhale the air too.

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