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Chinatown’s New Sushi and Cocktail Den

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A dense urban jungle where you can go to lunch with colleagues, have late-night cocktails with those same colleagues or meet up for a secret rendezvous.

Good news: we just uncovered the newest place for all of the above.

Take a look at The Q Restaurant, your sexy new Chinatown dojo for sushi, hot pots and wasabi martinis, softly opening Monday night.

Think of the Q as your new Chinatown ace in the hole for those afternoon powwows with underlings when trying to get them energized to sign that next big client (or just to start cleaning up after themselves in the snack room), by way of killer sushi and a couple of Angus Rib Eye or Prime Short Rib hot pots cooked on induction ovens right at the table.

But once the boss hat comes off (it tends to do that around 5pm) and your “I’m calling in sick tomorrow” hat comes on (still fits after all these years), consider the Q your new high-ceilinged, late-night cocktail lair. We suggest grabbing a sexy date, strolling in through the blue LED-lit entryway and claiming a corner of the lounge for several Q-tinis (wasabi sake vodka, ginger-infused vermouth), some Japanese whiskey or even some classic mai tais to fuel a few bad decisions.

Going into work straight from Chinatown the next day... bad decision.


The Q Restaurant
660 Washington St
Boston, MA, 02111


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