Flex Mussels

Musseling In

Mussel Masters Arrive Downtown

It’s a good day for planning ahead.

Soon, when things get frigid, icy and desolate, you’re going to want a quick escape. Sure, there’s your old safe house in Antigua, but we’re talking West Village quick. If a beach were involved... and Belgian beer... and champagne and truffle mussels... that would be nice too.

Here comes nice...

Introducing the new, beachy outpost of Flex Mussels, open now for the first time downtown in the West Village.

If you’re looking to rewrite your short-term memory of this past summer to include breezy beach days spent wading in the shallow surf, dozing off under the fading sun and cultivating a Hemingway-esque beard, Flex is your new home base for delusional summer pining: the room is small but airy, colored in pastels, decked with light wood and grassy reeds, and anchored with a big mural of Prince Edward Island.

Make this your scene for an upcoming casual weekday date, and you’ll be rewarded with serenity and a menu of beer and mussels from folks whose single-minded, psychotically intense focus on bivalves is somehow comforting.
Like at the UES location, you’ll have your pick of 23 rotating varieties of the fruit of PEI’s shores, ranging from a white wine/garlic classic to complex stews like Thai curry coconut and lemongrass and parmigiano cream-drenched black orbs of oceany goodness.

Because no summer is complete without a complex stew.


Flex Mussels
154 W 13th St
(between Sixth and Seventh Ave)
New York, NY, 10011


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