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Last week, we brought word of a new burger bar opening in a former gas station.

And you were probably thinking, “Wow, next time you’re going to tell me about a bar in a place that sold couches.”

Welcome to next time...

Say hello to Foundry on Elm, your newest reason to spend a night with buddies boozing in Davis Square, opening to the public tomorrow in Somerville.

Situated in a former furniture outlet and brought to you by some seasoned bar owners in Somerville (The Independent, Precinct), think of Foundry as your new Davis Square destination for classic cocktails, lots of beer and poutine in a two-floor tavern-brasserie hybrid.

So after you’ve claimed some bar space or a leathery booth for you and your pals, and ordered up some plates of beer-braised Beef Carbonnade and Confit Pork Belly, you’ll want to immediately turn your attention to the beer selection. In this case, that means 32 taps—everything from MA-local brews like Rapscallion Honey Pale Ale to the cask’d Mayflower Golden Ale and a Belgian monster known as Jandrain-Jandrenouille V Cense (your pronunciation efforts will be rewarded with 8% ABV).

And speaking of Belgian monsters, their 20-plus bottle list includes a 25-ounce, 10.5%-ABV beast of a craft brew called Gulden Draak.

We think that’s German for “you’ll need a cab home.”

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