Part Deux

Beer, Cocktails and Tuna on Commonwealth

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Bad news: Hurricane Earl approaches, and with it the demise of your Nantucket or Vineyard plans.

Good news: we have a place for you to ride out the storm...

Presenting Deuxave (“Doo-Ave”), your new hurricane-proof restaurant and late-night watering hole in the Back Bay, now open and ready to help you fend off the elements.

Think of Deuxave not only as your new after-work HQ for strong Belgian beers and killer French onion soup (it’s slow-cooked for nine hours, people), but also as a sort of storm shelter for whatever befalls our fine city this Labor Day.

So even if a furious, vengeance-seeking Category 5 happens to touch down tonight or tomorrow or next week, you and your fellow storm-dodger will be safe and sound in the high-ceilinged, exposed-brick confines of the lounge. (It’s an old, sturdy building with big bay windows looking out on Comm Ave... 99% chance you’ll be fine.)

Order up a stiff Delirium Tremens or an Amaro Highball (gin, ginger beer, Fernet) to settle the nerves. Then, head back to the dining room for some American-ish plates like Persian Spiced Long Island Duck Breast and Moroccan Spiced Colorado Lamb Saddle (easily one of the best saddle dishes in the city).

And don’t miss the Ceviche of Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna, flown in from Honolulu twice a week.

Hawaii would be nice right about now...

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