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Where Pulp Fiction and Burgers Collide

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If there’s one culinary treasure you hold sacred in this world, it would be the burger.

And long before that image was sullied by monolithic corporations (see: Fast Food Nation, Super Size Me), the burger shop was a holy institution across the land.

We’re happy to report those days are back. With more Pulp Fiction references.

Introducing Tasty Burger, the brand-new classic burger joint rising up in the shadow of Fenway Park herself, slated to open this weekend.

Brought to you by the team behind the Franklin Café, who gutted (and sterilized) a former gas depot behind Fenway, Tasty is your new destination for killer burgers, a few pitchers of beer (Hoegaarden, Stella) and a game of billiards before heading into a Sox game. Or after the bars, when the time for meaty, booze-soaking foodstuffs is greatest (they’re open till 2am).

They’ve outfitted the place with an on-site butcher (consistency, people), take-out options for you like the Sack of Five Burgers (aka the “hangover special”) and plenty of head nods to Pulp Fiction (“Mmm... that is a Tasty Burger”). We suggest ordering up a Big Kahuna Burger (pineapple, grilled red onion, teriyaki sauce) and devouring it under the giant mural of Sam Jackson doing the same from that classic scene in the film.

And if it starts reciting Ezekiel 25:17... run.

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