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Some addresses in New York are haunted by parties past.

254 West 54th St (Studio 54), 3 East 53rd St (the Stork Club), 1472 Broadway (the Times Square ESPN Zone—so many glorious wing nights).

But almost never are those addresses reincarnated into parties present. Almost never.

Introducing the reborn Lambs Club, a new take on the legendary midtown club of old, built at the same address, and set to be your home base for deal-making, Manhattan-imbibing and glad-handing, open for power breakfasts next week and shortly thereafter for dinner and drinks.

Unlike the days when Fred Astaire and Will Rogers came to this address to sip on Old Fashioneds and debate the Q rating of rising starlets, the new spot isn’t technically a club.

Instead, what you’ll find is what happens when nightlife vets like David Rabin and booze sorcerers like Sasha Petraske get to recreate a classic—three distinct spaces for dining, drinking and cavorting, all done up deco-style in leather, dark wood, chrome and, yes, a multi-tiered tray of hard-boiled eggs on the bar for snacking.

But first you’ll start in the sleek, red leather deco restaurant, pause in front of the massive open fireplace, order a sidecar, ponder your place in history and move on past the leather-wrapped handrail to the upstairs lounge. It’s here where you’ll be tempted to linger for hours over Petraske gin martinis and encouraged to liberally mix merger talk with illegal games of chance and untoward conversation.

And when the time comes to host a more private affair, consider the Stanford White Studio, a den of dark wood and antiques that seems built for austere gentlemen of old like the Monopoly Man.

A man who preferred all his handrails wrapped in leather.


The Lambs Club
at The Chatwal Hotel
132 W 44th St
(near 7th Ave)
New York, NY, 10036


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