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Foosball and Pizza in Lincoln Park

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The final goals have been scored. The clarion call of the vuvuzela has long since faded. And yet the World Cup has left you hungry for more. (More soccer, not vuvuzela.)

So welcome to your new weekend playing field: The Pitch, a new bar for soccer and any other sport you happen to be into, including a special little game in the basement... foosball.

Now, you should know that this place is co-owned by the head of the Chicago Fire’s front office, so he can probably help you put together a killer foosball team. (Hint: avoid the wobbly guy playing left defender.)

Upon arrival, you’ll find leather banquettes, wide booths and skylights that more than meet your televised sporting event needs. Pass underneath the enormous Adidas World Cup Jabulani, and you’ll run smack-dab into the first of three bars. Loosen up with a Goose Island Matilda, then head to the British-style pub downstairs, where you’ll test your table soccer skills against Brian McBride. Or, well, at least someone wearing his jersey.

But the big show is upstairs, with all the usual pennants, flags, dozens of TVs, crispy thin-crust like the Chicago Fire (an ambitious mix of bacon, giardiniera, red pepper flakes, Tabasco, blue cheese and, well... it goes on from here). Or you could go simple with a Pulled Pork Threesome, a sandwich trio that involves barbecue sauce.

As all good threesomes do.

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