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After-Work Beers and Burgers Off Michigan Avenue

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You’re coming off the weekend with very few regrets. (Okay, maybe what transpired between you and Gaga at that after-party….)

But still, it’s Monday. You’re probably ready to start with a clean slate.

And by Wednesday, you will have one.

Introducing Grami, slowly-but-surely completing a stealthy takeover of the current Reagle Beagle, transforming into a new spot for after-work shenanigans by midweek.

As you recall, the first time you entered the TV-themed Reagle Beagle, you laughed at all the kitschy A-Team and Suzanne Somers photographs. The next time you came in—well, maybe there wasn’t a next time.

But now, you’ll find that the same space on the lower Grand Avenue—Grami is a blend of Grand and Michigan—has been un-Nick-at-Nite-ifed and is now a warm, sophisticated neighborhood bar, where you can sink into a big black leather booth with a tall Belgian blonde. (Also: beer—they have 25 kinds.)

But since the menu is a mix of classic Chi-Town (the trinity of hot dogs, Italian beef and pizza), comfort food (short ribs, chicken mac ‘n’ cheese, burgers) and the occasional Cheeseburger Spring Roll, you may find you’re in no rush to hurry home.

Cheeseburger spring rolls have that effect.


160 E. Grand
(at St. Clair)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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