The Elvistini

Fit for a King

Elvis’s New Favorite Cocktail

UD - The Elvistini It’s that time again.

Time to brace for the wonder, the chaos, the karate-chopping, chimp-owning pandemonium known as Elvis Week.

So there’s only one thing to do: take the King’s favorite snack—the notorious fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich—distill it into cocktail form, and drink it while wearing a rhinestone jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit optional.

Introducing The Elvistini, a peanut-butter-and-banana-infused off-the-menu tribute to the King, being poured at Johnny Smalls starting this Tuesday.

Now, we want to be clear: there isn’t any vodka-soaked banana involved, or whiskey-infused peanut butter. Instead, you’re in for a mixological facsimile of the infamous sandwich, thrown together by an Elvis-loving tender behind the bar.

Just follow the Hard Rock’s trail of Elvis’s jumpsuits, karate gi and guns framed on the wall until you get to Johnny Smalls. There, you’ll take a seat at the bar, give the bartender a knowing look and say the magic word: Elvistini. He’ll spring into action, mixing up hazelnut, banana and raspberry liqueurs with a dash of Baileys. Then, he’ll pour the whole thing into a chilled martini glass with a few shreds of chocolate sprinkled lightly over the top. It’s creamy, nutty and just a touch thicker than your usual gin-and-vermouth version—and unlike the sandwich, it should leave your arteries intact.

Well, mostly. Since you’ll need something Elvis-related to eat at some point, you can also call for the Peanut Butter and Banana Beignet, a cream-filled doughnut served with a shot glass full of candied bacon.

Also known as a pork chaser.


The Elvistini
available at Johnny Smalls at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
4455 Paradise Rd
(at E Harmon Rd)
Las Vegas, NV, 89169

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