Chinatown Coffee

Absinthe Minded

A Coffee Bar That Turns into... a Bar-Bar

UD - The Booze Program at Chinatown Coffee These things you know: August is not the time for high drama on C-SPAN. Baltimore is not the place to see winning baseball. Chelsea’s wedding is not the place to roll out your famous intern jokes.

And your morning coffee den isn’t the place to go for a quick belt of night-ending absinthe.

Wait, yes it is.

Presenting The Booze Program at Chinatown Coffee, debuting tomorrow as your new secret weapon for downtown nightcapping.

You’ve strolled into this narrow, concrete and brick java joint on many a bleary-eyed morning. But return at night (they’ve helpfully extended their hours) and enter the Chinatown Coffee of a parallel dimension. One in which emo rock gives way to AC/DC, and the barista hands you not a serious cup of joe, but a pint of beer and a shot of green liquor that you should assume has hallucinogenic properties.

You’ll do this after a night of sushi and cocktails in Penn Quarter, when you’re searching for something more... Bohemian. In particular, the Bohemian absinthes among the six on their list, though they’ve also got bottles of French and Swiss provenance, should you be craving exactly what Van Gogh had. (We hear he was crazy about the stuff.)

And if you want something a bit more familiar, they’re rolling out wines and microbrews. And of course, they could still fire up the espresso maker...

At last, the white chocolate-absinthe cappuccino.


Chinatown Coffee
475 H St NW
Washington, DC, 20001

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