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Nantucket’s Most Lobster-y Bloody Mary

UD - Lobster Bloody Mary This weekend has Nantucket written all over it, which got us thinking about what your nights out there consist of.

Specifically, Caligula-level debauchery, a quick bit of fisticuffs with a pack of Yankees fans out of their element and a late-night skinny-dipping session with a local bartender.

Not to mention a furious search the next day for the kind of Bloody Mary that gets you back in fighting shape (or at least walking shape).

We think we found it.

Feast your eyes on the Lobster Bloody Mary, a uniquely massive Bloody that happens to be blessed with the best parts of a fresh lobster, now available at Brant Point Grill.

So let’s say it’s Saturday afternoon, and you need something special to pull out of your post-bender tackle box. You’ll order up one of these, which has what any good hangover-reducing elixir should have: booze. More precisely: vodka house-infused with jalapeños, Mexican red chilies and shaved horseradish. Couple this with a housemade blend of steak sauce and Tabasco, and you’ve got yourself a very kick-ass post-party beverage.

And since your body will be craving sustenance along with a few strands of dog hair, you’ll also be getting an 18-inch skewer packed with all the meat from a lobster’s tail and claws, plus lemons, olives and heirloom tomatoes.

It’s all the succulence of a plate of lobster, with no bib necessary.

Although given your state, may not be a bad idea...


Lobster Bloody Mary
available at Brant Point Grill
50 Easton St
Nantucket, MA, 02554

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