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A New Burger Colossus in Lincoln Park

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Fried egg. Bacon. Truffle... Foie gras...

The burger game has become an ever-more-shameless game of one-upmanship.

That’s the good news. The better news: you’re the ref.

So take your first look inside Urban Burger Bar, hoping to open as early as next week to become your new go-to for towering half-pounders, ice-cold brews and, yes, cheesecake milkshakes.

It’s brought to you by the man who introduced rolling dessert carts to the skyboxes of Wrigley, so you should expect a certain level of decadence. Let’s just say he exceeds that level.

So it’s after work. You’ve had one of those days. After one of those weeks. You’re tired. You’re hungry—for meat. You’ll soon find yourself in a warehouse-inspired setting, making friends with something hoppy, bitter and frothy. And who knows, maybe drinking a beer.

Then it’s go time.

The Stackers are the main event—they’re meat-on-meat bruisers: the Golden Ox (topped with bratwurst and sauerkraut), the Hey Shortay (with braised short ribs and fennel), the High Hog (a pork burger topped with barbecue pork, bacon and Black Forest ham). And then there are 11 milkshakes—cheesecake, banana-Nutella, malted milk balls—so pace yourself.

Of course, you could go for something lighter. The Bar Cheese Burger, for instance, is topped with that cheddar-horseradish sauce you first encountered smothering french fries in some small Wisconsin backwoods pub.

Yes, here Wisconsin is the model of dietary restraint.


Urban Burger Bar
1578 N Clybourn Ave
(between North and Halsted)
Chicago, IL, 60642


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