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Weekend Getaway Rule #237: A little nudity never hurt anyone.

And we’re not just talking about in the privacy of your hotel suite (though that’s good too). We’re also referring to soaking in Japanese mineral tubs, swimming in a full-size pool and lounging on a sundeck.

If you’re wondering what magical place this is...

Say hello to Ventana Inn & Spa, the recently renovated haven for the clothed and clothes-less on the coast of Big Sur, taking reservations now for overnights, dinners and massages.

Formerly owned by the guy who wrote Easy Rider, and the hangout for iconic stars like Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw, the revamped Ventana still has that McQueen low-key charm, but is now spruced up with more outdoor patios, hot tubs, fire pits and a bigger, badder wine list (all the better to hydrate with, naturally).

In just about two hours’ time, you’ll find yourself in a foresty mountain meadow with Pacific Ocean views—the ideal setting in which to disrobe at the resort’s clothing-optional pool and sundeck, complete with hot Japanese mineral baths and a dry sauna that all stay open until 2am (think European, not nudist colony).

They also added the Pacific House, where six new suites have wood-burning fireplaces that you’ll want to stoke before heading to your private hot tub out on the deck.

Also clothing-optional.


Ventana Inn & Spa
48123 Highway One
Big Sur, CA, 93920


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