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It happens all the time.

You’re in a rush. And you need a haircut. And a neckline trim. And a shave. And a glass of scotch. And a rubdown.

And maybe some Italian toothpaste. And a rocking chair...

Welcome to Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe, your new grooming go-to and miscellaneous clubhouse, opening today on Alton Road.

Taking over the old Carrs spot, think of Sloane as a gentlemanly hub of leisure that also happens to cut hair. The barbers and their supplies are the same, but everything else about this place has changed: The owners. The wood (it’s darker). The reading material (travel books) and the products (there’s now ginger-scented, European toothpaste... phew).

So you’ll come in, grab a beer or scotch at the bar and plunge into a leather-studded easy chair. When you’re ready to get down to business, you’ll claim one of five old-school barber chairs... but before you talk tapering or sideburns, you’ll loosen up with a quick shoulder rubdown, performed by your barber (if you think he’s good with a pair of scissors, you should see him with a neck kink).

And if you’re the type who needs a weekly haircut or isn’t a “shave your own face” kind of guy, you’ll want to become a member. For $86 a month, you can turn up as often as you want for a beer, a haircut and a hot-lather straight-razor shave.

Just don’t have it done in the rocking chair.


Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe
1322 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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