Fly-Fishing School at the Resort at Squaw Creek

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Catching Trout at Squaw Creek

UD - Fly-Fishing School at the Resort at Squaw Creek You’ve hunted.

You’ve been hunted (to your credit, she did look like Demi).

Now it’s time to turn from field sport to more aquatic pursuits...

Welcome Fly-Fishing School at the Resort at Squaw Creek, an intense rod-and-reel session that teaches you the ins and outs of the fine art of fly-fishing, taking reservations now.

Think of this as your opportunity to channel a pre-Angelina, River Runs Through It-era Brad Pitt (dating rule #54: don’t underestimate the lure of waders). Which basically means you’ll be able to get your hands on some fish—maybe even a trophy-size 19-incher—and then, in one swoop of mercy, let it go (sometimes it is about the chase).

At the crack of dawn, you’ll meet up with owner/master angler Matt, who’ll either lead you out to the Resort’s rainbow trout-stocked ponds for a group lesson or transport you to an off-the-beaten-path private river for your own guided tour.

Since we expect you’ll be up for the latter option, with 360-degree views of mountains and Matt’s undivided expertise, you’ll don the company-issued wading boots and step into the 50-degree snowmelt-fed river in search of trout. Then he’ll walk you through the lasso-like rhythms of fly-casting, so it’ll be only a matter of time before the fish start locking onto your single, barbless hook.

Be sure to let them off easy.


Fly-Fishing School at the Resort at Squaw Creek
400 Squaw Creek Rd
Olympic Valley, CA, 96146
530-583-6300, ext 6631

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