Scotch Egg

Great Scot

Sausage and Egg, British-Style

UD - Scotch Egg Sean Connery. William Wallace. Groundskeeper Willie.

Obviously, Scotland has put out some amazing products.

And so we’d like to tell you about one of its best. The thing is, however, the Scotch Egg, a newish menu item now available at The Gallows in the South End, isn’t Scottish. But more on that in a bit...

If you’ve sampled its gloriousness before, you’re well aware that it’s a spicy sausage patted around a soft-boiled egg and some bread crumbs, and then deep-fried. (The only bad news here is that there’s no scotch in it; it’s just the name.) And somehow, in spite of our city’s unusually high pub-to-person ratio, the snack has only just begun to pop up in a few new joints.

Among the best: The Gallows, whose version is served to you like you see in the picture here, on a plate. Their hand-shaped spicy sausage has a natural saltiness, to offset the eggy texture and runniness of the yolk (since it’s soft-boiled, as opposed to the hard-boiled style you might find elsewhere).

The Gallows opens at 5pm, so you’ll want to treat this like an after-work snack to go along with a few beers, or as a late-night snack, post-beers, to get you ready for slumber.

Oh, and despite the name, we hear this treat was actually born in London.

Although we’re pretty sure haggis is truly Scottish. It has to be.


Scotch Egg
available at The Gallows
1395 Washington St
Boston, MA, 02118

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