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Foie Gras Tacos at Toloache

Even in a city with a virtually limitless array of diningoptions, some dishes are way too good to miss—they demand immediateconsumption. Every month, our feature Served Up gives you the lowdown on a standout dish in the city. Dig in.

Foie gras is rarely viewed as a food of the people. A taco, on the other hand, is almost exclusively viewed as such.

Allow us to introduce class struggle wrapped in a corn tortilla: The Foie Gras Taco at adventurous Midtown Mexican eatery Toloache.

The genius of this taco, in our view, is that it is first and foremost a taco. It is not a high concept modern version of a taco served in a delicate cradle of crispy pork skin. It is not a reinterpretation. It is a taco, served on a white plate with a lime wedge, peddled in the middle of Midtown. But (and this is a big but), it's much more than just a taco. Think back to the last time a morsel of warm foie gras melted in your mouth—you shouldn't have to think back too far—and hold onto that moment. This taco is a testament to that moment.

The ingredients are simple—a handmade corn tortilla, mango, red onion salsa and a dash of refried beans—but perfectly proportioned to complement the tasty slivers of foie. Two tacos, three bites each, as a near-perfect pre-theater, post-work or foie-craving snack.

It's also a near-perfect reminder that you're both a man of the people and a gentleman of taste and breeding (at least when it comes to taco selection).


251 W. 50th St
(between 8th and Broadway)
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10019

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