2008: A Space Odyssey

Proto-Space Flights from Moscow

A new year has you looking toward the future...and where better to gaze boldly than outer space.

Despite the hype, Space Station overnights a la Virgin Galactic are years away (even with your Amex Gold Card). Our advice for would-be space cowboys? Get over Sputnik and head to Russia, where the cosmonauts will fly you to the edge of space, right now.

Launched just last month by renowned extreme travel group G.A.P Adventures, the Edge of Earth program shoots you as high as current means will take you: More than 13 miles above the Earth's surface, where few aircraft can go. You'll be escorted from Moscow to launch city Nizhniy Novgorod, where you'll say privyet toyour pilot—and your MiG-31. Speed through the briefing, don your pressurized suit and blast to the edge of the atmosphere. The Earth curves below and the sky hangs black overhead while you're screaming through space at well over Mach3.

The prelims: You'll need 45 days to arrange Russian security clearance and a full physical to clear you for launch. And space doesn't come cheap—though the $27,500 price tag does include first-class accommodation and meals.

Suggestion: Go easy on the breakfast.


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