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The Biggest Patio in Little Italy

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The summer solstice is almost upon us. The earth will soon be in position. The sun is already spreading its light over every surface like drops of warm golden honey.

Also: the largest patio in Little Italy debuts tonight. How's that for cosmic convergence.

Yes, just as the Mayan calendar foretells: One. Six One, a handsome small-plates joint in Little Italy, is soft-open now.

This spot is named for the Golden Ratio, that mathematical precept which posits that—and we're paraphrasing—the size of a restaurant menu is directly proportional to the number of ethnic cuisines offered.  

So while the inside will be cozy enough in the winter—there are big leather couches and a fireplace—tonight you'll decamp to the side patio, surrounded by two big, green fields, to test the theory.

The globe-trotting begins in Italy, naturally, with fried risotto balls or agnolotti stuffed with sheep's milk ricotta. Then maybe an Indian stopover for samosas or tandoori lamb. From there, it's up to you: Japan (hiramasa sashimi), Spain (gazpacho), Greece (oregano-garlic chicken)...

And as soon as the liquor license comes through, you'll have one more stop to make. They're opening a bar next door called The Bar 10 Doors, where you'll globe-trot through flights of scotch, bourbon, Irish whiskey and tequila.

We suggest using your miles card to pay the tab.


One. Six One
1251 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL, 60607


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