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The best parties are usually found in the places you least expect them.

Like on your way to another party.

So we'd like to introduce you to The Phoenix Lounge, a sexy little perch overlooking the lobby of the Wit Hotel, opening tonight for your post-work, pre-Roof cocktailing needs.

This mezzanine has always been here, but it's really just now coming into its own—a good pisco sour has a way of helping one achieve peak performance.

It's the kind of cozy space that you'll pop into for a quick glass of wine—or get crazy with a few olives, fried rock shrimp and a couple of veal meatballs—before a show at the Goodman or Chicago Theatre. But it also provides a respite if you need a little breather between dining at Cibo Matto and heading up to Roof. (Good rule of thumb: wait at least one cocktail before jumping into the deep end.)

To find it, you'll ascend the glass staircase from the lobby. You'll instantly behold a majestic view—the bar is dead ahead. Then, only after you've settled on an expertly crafted Manhattan, or maybe a creamy Phoenix Fizz (gin, citrus juice, orange-flower water), will you be ready to abandon yourself fully into a night of leather couches, velvet chairs and a specific type of conversation that only hotel bars inspire.

You love talking about thread counts.


The Phoenix Lounge
at the Wit Hotel
201 N State St, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL, 60601


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