Tenacious G

Eight Minutes of Weightlessness

UD - Zero G Astronauts. They have all the fun.

The suits, the cool gear, those "so there I was in zero gravity" dinner party stories.

It's time you got in on the action.

Introducing Zero G, a one-day thrill ride that lets you experience the awesomeness of outer-space weightlessness, now taking reservations for its only stop in Boston.

To realize your dream of becoming the next Buzz Aldrin, you'll first want to grab one of the 36 coveted spots and get yourself to the space-age off-site check-in (okay, a Courtyard by Marriott). You'll be given a dashing Zero G flight suit, shown a training video and even treated to a continental breakfast (you may want to go light, given the day's events).

Then it's off to Logan, where you'll strap into your seat on a modified Boeing 727 and fly to a designated airspace 30 minutes away. At this point, you'll unbuckle and move freely about the front of the plane, bouncing gracefully off the padded walls and trying not to lose your Cheerios as the plane makes 12 to 15 parabolic arcs, climbing and dropping from 24,000 feet to 32,000 feet in a matter of moments.

The result is about eight minutes of high-grade weightlessness. And while the price of this experience is pretty insane, it's definitely something to consider if you have $5K burning a hole in your pocket.

Or your space suit.

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