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The Celtics were amazing last night. And given the degree of boozing you needed to guide them to victory, this was probably a tough Monday to face.

So for making it into work today—or just achieving a successful remote log-in—you deserve a little something.

Like a new after-work spot with killer margaritas and housemade guacamole...

Introducing Zocalo Back Bay, your new Mexican go-to with expansive patio lounging, now open in the former Stix spot.

This is where you'll go to appease your Carne Asada jones, or when the thought of getting on the Orange Line for a bruising trek home is just too much to bear (without pork enchiladas, anyway).

When it's nice out, you'll want to grab a seat on the massive patio out front and settle in with some tortillas and guacamole, served in authentic molcajete bowls after being lovingly prepped at the table. Then, between a few micheladas (which you know to be beer served with salt, lime and Tabasco), you can move on to meatier plates of Chile Rellenos de Puerco (cheese- and pork-filled fried peppers).

And they've got a full liquor license now (they only had beer and wine at the old place in Brighton), so you'll also want to sample something from their tequila-soaked cocktail list, perhaps as you urge the Cs to a win in Game 6.

Game 6s generally require tequila.

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