Cork & Kerry at the Park

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Cork & Kerry Opens a Bridgeport Sibling

Champions. Champions.

World Champions.

We're trying to let the sound of it sink in. It still all seems a little unreal.

And it's already been five years.

To commemorate the glory that was the 2005 Chicago White Sox—and, what the hell, everything that came before and after—we introduce Cork & Kerry at the Park.

This will be your Bridgeport headquarters for Sox action whether pre-, post- or mid-game. Also: your headquarters for Baileys milkshakes and funnel cakes.

Of course, you'll be stepping onto hallowed ground—this is the former Jimbo's Lounge, the corner bar that served as ground zero for Sox fanaticism and gritty South Side swagger. It took another South Side institution (Beverly Irish powerhouse Cork & Kerry) to bear the torch.

If Jimbo's was Comiskey during the Veeck years, this is more akin to the Cell. You'll find the wooden sign on the door echoes the ballpark's scoreboard (here's hoping it shoots fireworks). The interior has the warm, handsome tones of a place you'd come for a beer and a burger even when the game's not on. In fact, the desserts—Baileys Milkshakes, Irish Soda Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce—are much better than you thought possible from a South Side corner joint.

Which is why you were repeatedly warned not to stop believing.


Cork & Kerry at the Park
3258 S Princeton Ave
(between 32nd and 33rd St)
Chicago, IL, 60616

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