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Your First Look Inside Noche

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Dining above ground has its charms.

But your brand of alcohol-fueled romancing often calls for something a little more underworld and subterranean.

And, once in a while, it just calls for a lot of white leather.

Introducing Noche, your new underground South End date spot and nightlife lair, officially opening a week from tomorrow.

Rising from the ashes of the old Icarus space (alas, it flew too close to the sun), Noche is the kind of upscale, 100-seat den that feels more South Beach than South End (for some reason, ample white leather does that to a place).

You and your date will want to sink down into one of the plush booths for orders of Churrasco Skewers and Veal Osso Bucco Ravioli, in between snatches of witty dialogue and a few Chin Chins (Dewar's, champagne, pear nectar). Then you'll throw your evening into fifth gear with a Peanut Butter Martini (nothing says nightcap like Kahlua and tequila... mixed with creamy peanut butter).

And should you arrive with your usual band of desperadoes (or just some co-workers), you'll want to step into the new private dining room, which seats 12 and houses a massive, futuristic 60-inch flat-screen TV that doubles as a mirror.

You always wanted to see yourself face off against the Lakers.

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