Blast Off

An Alarm You Shut Off by Yelling

UD - Sleep Blaster Yelling at inanimate objects. Typically, a less than fruitful endeavor.

(No matter how loud you get, that vending machine is not giving you your rightful Butterfinger.)

But what if they actually listened to you...

Introducing Sleep Blaster, a new alarm clock app that shuts off in response to your yelling, available now.

Like most bold ideas, it's a bit dangerous, but we think you can handle this information. First, you'll set the alarm. Then, when it goes off in the morning, you'll do what comes natural: you'll yell. Depending on what you chose earlier—and how responsible you're feeling—it will either turn off or snooze.

Which, in and of itself, would be a reason to check this out. But you'll also be able to set your alarm to go off when your phone gets to a certain geographical location. So let's say you're looking to catch some shut-eye on the train before a big morning meeting in, we'll say, Chicago. But since you want to give yourself time to freshen up, this thing can go off when you reach Peoria. (You wouldn't want to miss Peoria.) And if the train happens to get stalled, no big deal—extra sleep for you.

You can also turn on something called Dynamite Mode, which awakens you to the sound of an explosion.

Note: in case of real explosion, yelling will solve nothing.

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