Going Deep

The World's First Swim Mask Camera

UD - Video Swim Mask Under the sea.

A place filled with exotic wildlife, strange creatures of the deep and the occasional coquettish mermaid.

So you know what it's time for: snorkeling. With a swim mask. That takes video.


Welcome the Video Swim Mask, the world's only swim mask that makes movies, available now.

This is what Jacques Cousteau would have undoubtedly used on his vacations, while his usual equipment was in the shop.

So the next time your best friend gets mauled by a rare jaguar shark, and you decide to seek (and record) your aquatic revenge, just grab one of these and strap it on. As you dive down, you'll press a button above your right eye and begin taking stills and video of the sights before you. You'll be able to record those wonders up to 15 feet deep—deep enough to finally finish your prequel to Splash.

When you finally make it back to shore (or at least to the safety of your yacht and/or tricked-out submarine), you'll just upload the photos directly from the mask to your computer.

Your move, Zissou.

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