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Unearthing Dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert

UD - Dinosaurs of the Gobi You've seen a lot of impressive wildlife out there—in jungles, deserts and nightclubs—but there's one species that so far has eluded you.

Yes, today we speak of dinosaurs.

Welcome to Dinosaurs of the Gobi, a two-week quest for dinosaur bones in the wilds of Southern Mongolia, now taking reservations for an August expedition.

After a camel ride through spectacular dunes, you'll arrive at a rocky labyrinth of a dinosaur graveyard called the Dragon's Tomb, hidden in the middle of the Gobi Desert. They've been making big discoveries here for 50 years—this is where the first fossilized dinosaur eggs were found, and just last year they found part of an Asian tyrannosaur. So with the help of your expert guide—Dr. Michael Ryan, a horned-dino expert from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History—you just might alter the field of paleontology forever. As long as you convince Dr. Mike you won't put your pickaxe through anything important.

All in all, seven days of your trip are devoted solely to excavating prize bones, and each night you'll retire to camp to pass the canteen and swap stories (the jawbone was this big, really) before dropping into a two-person tent with your favorite fellow prospector. When it's all over, you'll celebrate your achievements with a performance by traditional Mongolian dancers and throat singers.

It was that or a plaque.


Dinosaurs of the Gobi
via Nomadic Expeditions
Gobi Desert, Mongolia

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