Got Your Goat

A Secret All-Goat Dinner

UD - The Butcher, the Chef and the Goat Things may not be the same after today.

We're going to ask you to walk into a nearly empty warehouse.

In that warehouse, a goat will be hanging from the ceiling.

That goat will be whole, and you will be hungry.

By the end of the night, that goat will be gone.

And you will no longer be hungry.

Let us present The Butcher, the Chef and the Goat, the city's first simultaneous whole-animal butchery demonstration and five-course head-to-tail dinner, taking reservations now.

Watching a goat-butchery demonstration while eating an all-goat meal might seem overly barbaric for a night out, but it might help to know that you're not actually eating the goat on display. Think of it as dinner theater on steroids, and with plenty of Scotch ale to keep things in perspective.

Once you confirm your reservation, they'll disclose the secret locale, but we can say it'll be inside a big, white, light-filled warehouse in the heart of Dogpatch. When you arrive, you'll take your seat at one of the tables set up strategically around the demo spot so everyone gets a glimpse of the action.

You can't miss Dave (who's usually behind the case at Avedano's and Marina Meats) in the center of it all, next to the goat hanging from the ceiling. His technique is old-world—meaning no power tools, just a hacksaw and some sharp knives (we wouldn't have our butchery any other way).

And since he's going to be running the demo as you eat, he'll time the breakdown with each course. So as you're eating the porchetta, he'll point out the rack, saddle and rib eye and belly cuts. Or if you're having the leg, that's when he'll split the hindquarters.

Timing is everything.


The Butcher, the Chef and the Goat
at an Undisclosed Spot in Dogpatch
San Francisco, CA,

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