Nonna's Empanadas

Second to Nonna

A Modern New Den of Empanadas

UD - Nonna’s Empanadas Something new is cooking on Third Street.

It's warm. It's doughy. It's meaty.

It's... Nonna's Empanadas, scheduled to open by Friday.

You'll follow the wafting scent of empanadas (which, as you know, are Spanish turnovers filled with all manner of meat, vegetables and cheese) into a simple, modern space with lots of sunlight and a huge counter.

And just like in the 20 or so other countries that offer them, these delicious baked goods are small enough (and cheap enough: $2.95) that you'll probably want to order a few—think Beef with Onions and Red Peppers, Chicken with Jalapeño and Onion & Cheese.

If you've got time and a lunch companion, there are a few bistro tables inside, and they'll soon have tables out front. If not, they'll box you up a dozen empanadas and send you back to be the VIP of your next meeting (or the VIP of your couch).

But it's not just lunch here—they've also got a mean Ham & Cheese & Eggs empanada for your morning, along with espresso and croissants.

It's always good to start the day with two ampersands.


Nonna's Empanadas
8570 W Third St
(west of San Vicente)
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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