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Towards a Better Fitting Pant

Oh, pants. Less flashy than a shirt and less sleek and useful than shoes, pants are the Ringo of an outfit, always the last to be recognized. It's easy enough to just throw on that favorite pair of jeans and coast along on your other charms.

Then again, you were never much for coasting.

Bonobos Pants wants to make you think about pants a little differently, and a whole lot more. So there is some highly questionable website material here, but the bottom line is that if the pants fit, wear them. From preppy staples like the F. Scott, an orange stretch cord for those Newport excursions, to the Congos, a heavy-duty olive twill more fit for a jungle expedition, there's enough handmade cords and flat-fronts here to keep you off jeans well through the winter.

These pants also sport tailoring touches often missing even in high-end stores. The waistbands curve in, so you won't have that cinch in the fabric when you tighten your belt, and the legs are trimmed at the thigh and boot-cut, so your shoes won't look too clownish. Add in flashier touches like off-color stitching and a floral-patterned lining, and you'll end up looking pretty dapper.

And that's before you've even put your shirt on.

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