Going Palatial at the Kentucky Derby

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When you travel, you like to stay somewhere that reminds you of home.

A place with sprawling grounds, oversize fireplaces and at least two turrets.

A place like Kentucky's only castle. Which just happens to have a couple of rooms available for next weekend's Derby.

Welcome to the CastlePost, a stone castle conveniently located just about an hour away from Churchill Downs, now open for your Derby weekend enjoyment.

In short, it's like a medieval castle dropped onto the rolling Kentucky plains (in a city called Versailles, no less). You'll want to fly into Lexington, board a suitably medieval chariot (they're next to the cab line at the airport) and take a short ride over. You'll be greeted by 12-foot wooden doors and a massive entryway, complete with stone walls and chandeliers. (Basically, if Count Dracula moved to Kentucky, he would live here.)

Inside, you'll settle into one of 15 suites. (We recommend the Majestic Suite, which is one of six suites conveniently available on Derby night.) You'll have everything from a billiard room to a sun-deck Jacuzzi to a stable of horses at your disposal. (Warning: combine no more than two of these three at once.)

They'll gladly arrange a ride for you to the Derby, or to one of the many bourbon distilleries nearby.

Or just take your horse.


230 Pisgah Pike
Versailles, KY, 40383


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