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A Secret Second-Floor Lounge on K Street

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You've been upstairs in enough K Street buildings to know: it's where clandestine things happen.

The stuff of 60 Minutes investigations. Of last-minute amendments. Of the occasional bag of cash or two.

And today we're here to tell you about the neighborhood's latest top-secret operation. Don't worry, though—this won't land you on the front page of Politico. We don't think...

Introducing Vetro, a new undisclosed location of a lounge nestled above Lima, open now for your next restricted-access rendezvous.

First things first: one does not just waltz in here. Your entry into this well-guarded nightspot comes only three ways: book a private event, fork over the considerable membership fee or—as you probably guessed—know the right people.

Here's how it works. You'll breeze past the doorman at Lima, head upstairs past a bit more muscle and a cigarette girl, and enter a modern space bathed in white and clean lines (think Iceland, but with less ash). Job one: secure a glass of champagne from one of the little-black-dress-clad bartenders at the stainless steel bar.

Once a critical mass of your guests arrive (otherwise known as reaching quorum), you'll repair to one of the low lounge tables ringed by faux white leather chairs. There, bathed only by the lights of K Street and the rotating array of photographs projected on the wall, you'll order up a bottle for you and your closest friends.

And maybe a key senator or two.


1401 K St NW
Washington, DC, 20005


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