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Straight Razors and Secret Rooms at the Elysian

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You're not afraid of this modern, let-it-all-hang-out, post-privacy world of ours.

Yet when it comes to your most sacred relationships, you still insist on a modicum of discretion. We're talking, of course, about the one between you and your barber.

For that, we introduce The Men's Atelier, your own private barbering chamber now busily sharpening its razors at the Elysian.

You usually know the Elysian for its socializing: boisterous champagne brunches at Balsan, quiet dinners spent at Ria with a well-chosen date. But you'll come to think of this as a fortress of solitude for your hair.

It's part of the soothing white-on-white world of the Elysian spa—so feel free to take full advantage of the amenities; there's nothing like a fluffy robe to make Q2 sales reports seem awfully insignificant.

You'll be led to your snug private room stocked with hot towels ready to caress your face before a straight-razor shave, a single leather chair (really more lounge than barber) and your own flat-screen (better yet, your own remote). Oh, yes: there's also a highly skilled barber in there somewhere too. You can't miss her.

As you relax, you may want to request that a manicurist be summoned forthwith to give some extra TLC to your fingers and toes—after all, it is almost beach season.

Not to mention footsie season.


The Men's Atelier
at the Elysian
11 E Walton St, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL, 60611


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