SeaVees 09/63 Pantone Plimsoll

Spring in Your Step

Like Paint Chips for Your Feet

UD - SeaVees 09/63 Pantone Plimsoll Today, spring 2010 in Chicago is looking a little... less than perfect.

Tomorrow could be a different story. At least for your feet.

Which brings us to the SeaVees 09/63 Pantone Plimsoll, the footwear equivalent of sipping poolside mai tais in Palm Springs in 1963 with Nancy Sinatra... or, at the very least, Frank Sinatra Jr. They're available now at Haberdash.

First, a little background: the brand is based in California, and tends to pay homage to the style makers of the '60s—past lines have nodded to the coolness of Steve McQueen and the adrenaline-revving machismo of the Porsche 911. This time around, inspiration comes by way of vintage hues from the Pantone Matching System. (Your favorite color-coordination system.)

The results are the kind of thing Paul Newman would have worn for a day at Monroe Harbor. You'll have your pick from a bold navy or a reddish clay, which will look like you last wore them when you lobbed a few with Federer at the French Open. They're what you'll want to throw on with a pair of shorts when you're heading down to a lakeside champagne picnic this summer, or for weekend cocktails on the RL patio.

You can always use another good drinking shoe.


SeaVees 09/63 Pantone Plimsoll
available at Haberdash
1350 N Wells St
(between Schiller and Evergreen)
Chicago, IL, 60610

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