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It gave you indoor bocce.

It gave you good drinks with better views.

It gave you a Shake Shack.

But what has the Chicago Athletic Association done for you lately...

Oh, just this: Madison Hall, a new sundry shop to end all sundry shops, now open in the Loop hotel. (This slideshow is not an unattractive slideshow.)

It’s the kind of place with Japanese charcoal toothbrushes, Australian shampoo, French sunglasses and other things you need but don’t need. And since the two gentlemen behind Space519 are running the show here, feel free to set your expectations even higher than that.

There’s an area devoted to matters of the fairer sex, as well as a gentlemen’s side with a single antique barber chair that’ll have a rotating cast of guest barbers starting in a few weeks. Gifts: check. More majestic head of hair: check.

But for now, let’s say you’re running to an after-work picnic at Millennium Park and the sky portends rain. You’ll find serious Swedish raincoats, dapper British-bred umbrellas and Chicago-made Defy bags, which could carry a picnic in a pinch.

Or you could just pick a better day.


Madison Hall
71 E Madison St
(between Michigan and Wabash)
Chicago, IL, 60602


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