Ticket to Rider

Flasks. Leather Jackets. Holiday Miracle.

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Maybe you’re done gift shopping already. Maybe you’re not.

But... hope you don’t mind if we conspired with a heavenly body or two to bring you a holiday miracle on the off chance you need it. Because we did.

And it’s coming in the form of Rider, which is basically a cross between a Parisian flea market and the most interesting damn estate sale you’ve ever been to. It opens Tuesday in the West Loop, and this is what it looks like.

Before we talk things for other people, you should know that there’s a very refined selection of wearable things here as well. Few Brando-approved Schott leather jackets, some Gitman Bros. shirts, a mallard-print T-shirt. Which is great, considering you lost your old one.

But as for those one-of-a-kind, last-minute gifts, you’ll come in and find...

—Solid-brass incense holders.

—A magnetic golden lariat that looks like a snake.

—Handblown glass carafes and decanters.

—A pocket-size, portable ashtray.

—Vintage sword letter openers and their attendant sheaths.

—A sterling silver flask from 1817.

—Another flask, except all covered in fur.

—Taxidermy raccoon hands whose nails were painted by Lady Gaga’s nail artist.

Careful whose stocking you stuff with that last one.


1115 W Lake St
(at May)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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